At the beginning of last century a precarious refuge was built by the river bed, where a caretaker passed his days taking care of cows, sheep,goats and horses. As time passed by and following family traditions, this picturesque refuge became a summer place for the Palma family, today with all the possible comfort,they open the gates from this little unknown piece of heaven, to welcome and to share with you an unforgettable adventure.

Why “Los Chulengos”?:The name”Los Chulengos” comes from the name given to the offspring of the guanaco (local specie), that is the main natural specie of this reservation. Its last owner rescues one of the his most precious childhood memories, when he feed the “chulenguitos” (baby guanacos) that had lost their mother with a bottle. That is the reason for its name.


Tel: 054-261-4960090 - 54 9261 6277318 y 54 9261 6026538
E-mail: loschulengos@loschulengos.com.ar
Los Chulengos se encuentra inscripta en la Subsecretaría de Turismo, como Empresa de Turismo Aventura