Using an old goat station, respecting the original arquitecture and adapting it to the needs of this time, having accomplished the warm feeling of past years. We offer a beautiful place,where our guests can always count with the best attention and dedication from out staff. Where you can be aware of the true dimensions of the stream, the glaciers and the highest peaks of Los Andes mountains. This same place will be waiting for you at sunset,at the end of the activities, where you can enjoy by the fire, reading a good book, a fun card game, while you taste a glass of one of the best argentinian malbec wines, accompanied by the relaxing sound of the running water of the river.


Plan of the Refuge

The station counts with the following conviniences:


-Two living rooms
-Dining room
-Four double bedrooms
-Two bathrooms
-Fireplaces and wood stove


Tel: 054-261-4960090 - 54 9261 6277318 y 54 9261 6026538
E-mail: loschulengos@loschulengos.com.ar
Los Chulengos se encuentra inscripta en la Subsecretaría de Turismo, como Empresa de Turismo Aventura