UbicaciónLos Chulengos is located in the roadway La Carrera,Tupungato, state of Mendoza, to the west and the center of the Argentinian Republic. It is a warm mountain station located in the Los Andes chaín of mountains, that is a massive mountain that divides our border with the Republic of Chile.

It consists of a natural area, untouched since its creation, located at 2230 mts above sea level, afoot of the Cerro El Plata, of 6320mts. Los Chulengos is part of the magestic Los Andes mountains and its glaciers, from where the Casas spring is born, with its 14 kms of clear waters that coasts the station.

Tel: 054-261-4960090 - 54 9261 6277318 y 54 9261 6026538
E-mail: loschulengos@loschulengos.com.ar
Los Chulengos se encuentra inscripta en la Subsecretaría de Turismo, como Empresa de Turismo Aventura